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Qubox Technologies is an international product-based company which is based on e-commerce, school management software, and much more. Under e-commerce we have two main divisions, single level vendoring and multi-level vendoring. We believe our contribution to our customers can help make a huge impact. Our objective is to give out the best of the best, and nothing less. By doing so, our values are highlighted and influences society. We pride ourselves in being firm on our values of creating great work ethic, holding on to integrity and not just speaking about our end results but showing the evidence to back it up. Our teams experience and expertise will supply stunning, award winning results and allow our customers to develop an overall excellent presence. Aside from these points, we also believe in quality, innovation and speed.

The day and age now so dynamic so we focus on adapting to these conditions and diversifying along with it. The products we provide small businesses with everything they need to start up. We promise that working with us will follow our three main rules of being, fast, easy and problem free and more importantly, AFFORDABLE. We ensure to be authentic, transparent, committed and self-improving. We understand your requirements and we will make these requirements a dream come true!

Why Choose Qubox?


Our products are only of the utmost best quality and nothing less, this is to ensure your satisfaction will always be at its all-time high.

Work Ethic

Our team of professionals work off the value of integrity, and towards the best end results.


We make sure to not hype up the price to astonishing rates but instead keep it at an affordable rate.

24/7 Customer Support

We want to make sure at the end of the day our customers a fully satisfied so we are will to assist you through it all. Your feedback matters and will ultimately contribute to your development.


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